Ann Marie Coghlan FCGS

Professional Genealogist living in Ireland. Fellow of Cork Genealogical Society. Experienced in traditional family research and in genetic genealogy.


South and South East Counties of Ireland. England, North and Midlands. Other locations on request.


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Ann Marie’s Professional Consultancy background is in Education Management and in Business Consultancy in England. Her family heritage is in Cork, Clare, Galway, Dublin and The North of England.

INTERESTS Her main Irish research interest is in the City of Cork and its business and religious communities. She is experienced in researching the Irish community in England and Scotland as well as the working communities of Northern England. She is interested in family migration, family patterns, the history of Catholic education and in Irish burial practices.

DNA Ann Marie promotes genetic genealogy in support of traditional family research. Ann Marie is a Speaker for ISOGG UK & Ireland. She has the Cork-Ireland Geographic Project with connected Facebook Cork DNA groups. She set up the Clan McGrath DNA Project at Family Tree DNA and is currently admin for several Surname projects.

SOCIAL MEDIA Ann Marie manages Social Media for Cork Genealogical Society and has the Cork Genealogical Society’s Facebook pages. She was also awarded their Fellowship in 2019 for services to Cork research. Ann Marie is a co-admin for IGP – the Ireland Genealogy Project.

SPEAKER In addition to client family research, Ann Marie is a regular speaker and a researcher for Societies, Family Gatherings and Family History Conferences.

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